Results From Working With Scott

Scott Koepsell is an incredible intuitive. My session with Scott was the most powerful clearing of blocked energy I have ever experienced in my 66 years. His knowingness to hold the space for me while I went very deep is so appreciated. Scott you are truly a very talented healer and intuitive. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Catherine F. WA, USA

A quick note to tell you how deeply grateful I am for you! The energy work we’ve done has been profound. Incredible things are happening in my business as a result of the work we’ve been doing, including a significant increase in income with greater ease than ever. Even more than that, I am deeply grateful to have a trusted confidant who I feel does not judge me no matter what comes up. I feel safe to share my most challenging feelings with you, even the darkest ones. That is rare and I am extremely grateful!

L.B. Toronto, Canada

If you are serious about changing your life, call Scott, he is a gifted intuitive coach, he is the best of the best. In just one session Scott will profoundly change your life. Scott will see you as he did me. Scott is kind, and gently leads you on a path of growth and love. I will be forever grateful for his wisdom, integrity and leadership.

Adrienne M. GA, USA

I’ve been working with Scott Koepsell on and off for a couple of years now and each session creates amazing shifts within me. We have cleared many lives worth of blocked energy and one of my favorites was the clearing of chronic stomach issues/pain I had since I was small child. I feel blessed and grateful to have been introduced to him and for all the amazing changes it has generated in my life. — Feeling Blessed!

Tracy I., Sherman Oaks, CA, USA

Thank you, Scott Koepsell, for your sharing your phenomenal gifts and perspectives with me… playing in the energy of all possibilities – releasing old programming – remembering what is real and most important – and affirming that being fully who I am, trusting, and playing Big is what keeps me in Flow… “Playing” with you has unfolded innumerable and immeasurable gifts – beyond words – life changing… and I am forever grateful!

H. Miller, PA, USA

Scott and I worked together for 5 sessions. It was like lifting me out of a fog which I did not know I was in. I was open to looking at whatever came up and was I surprised to see how things unfolded. We worked on an issue that was deep and through his insights and talents he helped me recognize myself and others in my life. It was fun and exhilarating and deeply insightful. I gained a deeper understanding, appreciation and clarity of the most important relationship in my life. I am truly grateful and would recommend Scott to anyone without hesitation. Having worked with other types of Intuitives, I can say Scott is truly above and beyond!

Rosemary C., OH, USA

I’m sitting here transcribing my notes from yesterday’s session. It was incredible. I feel forever changed. Thank you Scott.

Denise L. CA, USA

I grew up in a very dysfunctional household and always felt like I didn’t know how to break free from the unhealed pain and anxiety that I carried as an adult. I was obsessed with healing my issues and over the years spent thousands of dollars on therapy, workshops, psychic readings, books and CD’s (you name it, I tried it) but I never seemed to really shift my life beyond a certain level. Once I started working with Scott, I began to clear out in 1 or 2 sessions old energy wounds and blocks that had kept me stuck for decades. I have worked with many energy healers and channels and can honestly say that Scott offered the most profound healing I have ever received. He is a master at being able to tap into the exact insight and energy clearing techniques needed by the client to heal. He helps you find the key to unlock the door that you thought would never open, and the freedom on the other side of that door is AMAZING!


I am deeply grateful for my recent energy healing session with Scott; he was able to help me get unstuck from an old pattern that needed to be set free with his clear insight and gentle sense of calm, ease, and grace. He is a highly gifted intuitive and I would recommend Scott’s work, without reservation, to anyone interested in clearing old energy blocks to bring healing light into any matters of concern for the heart, mind, or spirit. Thank You, again, Scott!

Lea D. AZ, USA

This week I had the privilege and gift of working with Scott Koepsell, master intuitive, and guide. I found Scott to be most professional, able to meet me where I was at, very effective and efficient at identifying and clearing old energy blocks. If you have been feeling held back while trying to move forward towards a better game of Life… I would highly recommend Scott. His gentle and calm manner will quickly put any fears or resistance you have to rest. In total gratitude for having Scott appear onto my game board...

Lynette C., Manitoba, Canada

The work yesterday was definitely deep and powerful, and has opened up so much more for me! There is much new opening up, and many aha’s coming to light since our session yesterday! And money is flowing more now, as well – I have had several people sign up for my program in the last 24 hours! Whoohooo! Thank you again soo very much for your support, and for sharing your genius and gifts with myself and others! 🙂

J.W. Ontario, Canada

Scott is a great communicator, coach and trustworthy mentor and friend. One of the best in his field. Check him out.

Marg. S. Melbourne, Australia

I am deeply thankful for a beautiful & powerful energy healing session with the incredibly kind, sensitive, generous & gifted Scott Koepsell! I’m excited to do more work with you Scott! You are so appreciated!

Kris K. Berlin, Germany

My reading with Scott was amazing! We went deep into some core childhood issues I’ve been trying to work with for years and rooted them out! It felt like psychic surgery. My solar plexus area actually felt like something had been removed. It was incredible. The next day I was still a bit shaky and integrating everything. It was mind boggling to see the pattern that had shaped so much of my life. It explained SO much for why my life has looked like it has and why I’ve made the choices that I have. Scott is a totally awesome Transformational Guide! I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a breakthrough. He delivers!

Maryann H. IA, USA

Words cannot express the GRATITUDE I feel for the amazing gift you shared with me today. For the first time I can remember, I feel like my “system” is working the way it is supposed to. I feel like I am ready to take on the ADVENTURE of finding out who I Really Am!!!!!! I KNOW, truly BELIEVE, that I CAN CREATE AN ABUNDANT LIFE! I definitely want to work on finding my purpose and the relationship issue you mentioned. Thank you, Scott. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. What an AMAZING gift you have to share. I will definitely recommend you!


Folks, I don’t have big enough words to express how incredibly grateful I am for Scott Koepsell who I’ve been doing intuitive energy healing / work / play with for a while now… Embracing what is with total acceptance – releasing blocks, ties and programming with loving compassion – gaining perspective on / remembering who I really am – playing in the field of all possibilities – and moving forward with heart-centered personal power… It has truly been life changing! I highly recommend Scott’s services to anyone who is wanting clear and genuine support along their way!


How fortunate I was to have a healing session with you last Friday! Your genuine kindness, intuition and grace shine through with every observation and healing word. I so appreciate you connecting with me and sharing your gift. You helped me immensely and I’m certain you have helped so many others as well. I am looking forward to another session with you and connecting on that plane. Love and Light my friend. You are a real gem. Namaste.

Susan W. Vancouver BC, Canada

I’ve been searching for weeks to find a description that adequately describes Scott Koepsell’s work with me. The most appropriate thing I’ve found comes from the movie, Avatar, and is the traditional Na’vi greeting, “I see you.” Officially, Scott is a Master Intuitive Guide and Mentor, which is a good description of what he does, but cannot convey how profoundly he does it. Scott truly sees me. Not in some strange x-ray-vision sense. He sees me with his heart and soul from a position of compassion, wisdom, and non-judgment. A session with Scott is an amazing, illuminating experience. I do not pretend to know how he does it, but he makes dealing with difficult situations manageable, educational, and believe it or not, fun. For one thing, Scott conveys a certainty that allows me to completely relax into the visualizations that we do. This, for someone who has great difficulty visualizing anything, is a not-so-minor miracle. Further, he does not lead me. At all. He creates the space from which I explore my own inner domain. He is undoubtedly there with me, too, as is obvious from our conversations. But he does not insert his own interpretations into my process. In other words, his integrity is impeccable and his insight is priceless. So is his ability to help me translate things that I do not understand. Again, he does not put his own ideas into the process; he simply asks amazing questions that guide me to my own answers. Seems that the answers stick with me better that way. I have been blessed these many weeks to have Scott help me through one of the most difficult things I’ve ever faced. Some days, I marvel that my emotions survived at all. Most days, I find myself intrigued and delighted by my rekindling passion for my life work. I am so grateful for Scott. He sees me…often more clearly than I see myself.

Kitty Roxanna Connell, award-winning author, CO, USA

Scott is a gentle loving soul. He is so committed in serving others with genuine love from his beautiful heart. The readings that he did for me are gems that I still hold dearly with me. His readings shine onto me revealing to me my greatness and due to that they make me feel so motivated, inspired and determined to continually bring positive difference into this world. Thank you Scott, you are simply AWESOME!

Rozieta S. Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

I am sooooooooo grateful to you for the reading you did for me tonight. There are no words that can express my gratitude, although I would like to try anyway 🙂 THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU!


Today I was in the presence of an amazing person and we created so much more understanding about our existence. It never ceases to amaze me how brilliant the human being is. Then when we connect with the source of all that is, wow, hold on to your hats humans, for it is an incredible journey. Whatever the journey you are on, it is amazing… Thank you Scott Koepsell!

Kerry V. Melbourne, Australia

Scott Koepsell blends a gentleness of spirit, with laser sharp clarity, to bring breakthrough to his coaching clients.

Elizabeth L. NC, USA

Scott, thank you again for your amazing reading!! It was so inspired and rich. I think I will be processing for a while, but I am already beginning to feel so much more alive and tuned in!! Many blessings!

Kristen W. MA, USA

Wow! Scott your energy coaching was so right on yesterday! You quickly zeroed in on what the blocks were to my issue and then gracefully guided me back to integrating the parts of me I had disconnected from. I felt like you were right with me each step of the way and so clearly saw me. I feel more fully like me from our work together. Thanks for being there for me!

Marilyn O. CA, USA

Wow! Thank you Scott!!!!! What an amazing experience. Still buzzing and integrating. I am adjusting to this new frequency and sooo looking forward to living this way! Namaste, with deep respect Scott.

Rebecca G. CO, USA

Thanks Scott, I am so glad that you did the energy reading with me several weeks ago. At the time I was severely blocked with fear and uncertainty with what I was doing at the time. As you may recall it was a spur of the moment conversation that ended in a profound shift in some deep emotional pain that I was no longer consciously aware of. I am glad that you were sensitive and intuitive enough to lead me through the necessary doorways to unlock the stopped up emotions and finally free me of those childhood upsets. I can’t tell you how much freedom and lightness your talent has given me. Thank you very much for your effort and effective coaching.

Norm B. CA, USA

Had an amazing reading with Scott today! WOW! Blew through SO many layers. It was Fabulous! Thank you Scott, YOU are AWESOME!


Thank you for the truly extraordinary session yesterday. We moved such deep and long-held stuff, yet you held a totally safe space for me to move through it with ease while guiding me masterfully as things came up to be cleared. I feel that literally CHUNKS of stuff came up and are gone for good. You are truly gifted, Scott, and I will be enthusiastically recommending you to anyone who is feeling held back by old, sticky energies that are simply not serving them anymore so they can finally be free.

Lisa B. Ontario, Canada

Scott is an amazing communicator, intuitive and powerful coach…If you are ready to make a transformation in your life, check out his work.

Debbie P. CA, USA

Man-o-man, I am thoroughly impressed! I came to you with a general idea of what I wanted to work on and you saw far past my starting point. You helped me to resolve some thorny problems I (unknowingly) had hidden from myself. What a relief! Then you found depths to me in my heart and soul that were just waiting to be revealed to start the blossoming of my dream-turned-to-real life. I am so much happier and more confident now. I am in love with my life! Your ability to ‘read’ me seems like magic but the results are very real!

Pam S. CA, USA

Thank you Scott for the amazing sessions. I have had massive breakthroughs each and every time. Your energy is just amazing too; so gentle, loving, unconditional, non-judgmental, I always feel safe. Huge, scary things are moving too but I feel confident and safe. Big hug and thanks. I’m excited for the next one!

Sarah M. CA, USA