About Intuitive Readings and Scott Koepsell

I am Honored to Serve You on Your Inward Journey to Remembering and Expressing Who You Really Are.

Scott Koepsell
Is Naturally Very Intuitive And Insightful

As a small child, just like all children, I was naturally very intuitive. By about 8 years old, I had abandoned my natural intuitive abilities in order to “fit in”, “be accepted”, “NOT be different”, and “be loved”.

Being loved and accepted is a very powerful motivator! I unknowingly gave away my power and shut down my innate intuitive abilities to be more like everyone around me.

As an adult, nothing I did felt completely satisfying. I always had a nagging feeling that there was something more to this life. I was constantly questioning and searching for that something more I could “feel” was present.


I spent many years in the corporate world where I used my intuition to successfully manage multi-million dollar environmental clean-up projects on Super Fund sites and military facilities.

I have extensive experience working with corporate and government agencies to achieve mutually beneficial results. I also spent years in new product development and real estate investing. After years of successes, and then a real estate collapse that rocked my world, I surrendered to my higher-self and moved into alignment with my soul and purpose.

The happiness and fulfillment I had been seeking were finally found by using my innate intuitive abilities to serve others through my transformational energy work!

Through my innate ability to channel messages from a higher awareness, I teach a greater perspective on who you and I really are, and what this life experience is really all about. My channeled information provides you with a greater understanding of all your life experiences and your true identity, so you can re-frame and release the negative patterns and mental programming that has been holding you back.

Using my intuitive awareness and channeled information, I empower you with personal growth tools so you are no longer dependent on anyone outside of you for your personal growth and happiness. By learning how to master your own intuition ( your innate inner guidance systems), you learn to intuit what is best for your own highest good in every moment and situation.

My life is now dedicated to raising my own vibration and teaching you and others to raise your vibrations, so we can all find greater happiness and fulfillment within ourselves and our lives. As you learn to emit a higher vibration, everything around you (your life experience) must change to match your higher vibration (you get back what you put out, always) – meaning your life gets easier and more joyful.


I assists you in moving from who you have been taught to believe you are (a physical body) to understanding and expressing who you really are (an energy being or spirit and soul), so you can create and live your in love, purpose, passions and abundance.

Through my deep intuitive work with people like you, I have come to the realization that we truly are all in this life together; we are here for ourselves and each other! It is all about total connection, internal with source and external with each other. There is only the Oneness, and each of us is a vital part of it.  As I continue to guide, coach and mentor clients I become more connected, more aware and a clearer, stronger channel of insights and information.

I live in the USA, in the Denver, Colorado area, with my beautiful wife and two daughters. Because my intuitive readings and channeled teachings are easily done via phone or online, I serve people all over the world. For example, I serve clients all across the USA, and in Australia, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, England, Ireland, Scotland, Guatemala, Mexico, and Canada.