Welcome!  Here you will learn how to be free of the limitations and fears that run your life and live in and from the wisdom, love and connection that is your Soul and who you really are!

In our channeled readings I become a voice for your higher self to communicate guidance, wisdom and enlightenment to your mind/body to powerfully transform you and your life!



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DEEP INSIDE You Know There's More...

You are an Eternal Energy Being having a temporary physical body experience.  You are far more than a physical body, you are eternal energy and awareness! You are a phenomenally powerful Being pretending you are not. When you understand and feel this truth within you, you will recognize your Divine Self, and your entire life experience will change! I will guide you to know this as the truth of who you are and You Will Change Your Life!

Ready to live in your Heart and Soul's power, connection and love instead of your mind's learned limitations, separation and fear?

Ready to know and understand who you really are and why you are here in this body at this time? If you are reading this, your Soul is ready!

I am literally a voice for your higher-self to use to communicate with your conscious mind. Imagine what your life will become when you connect into the wisdom and awareness of your unlimited Soul / Source.

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Do You Realize That Most Of What You Believe About Yourself
Is Not Accurate, And It Is Limiting Your Joy, Love, Connection, Health and Abundance?

The learned programming, patterns and beliefs running you from your conscious and subconscious mind are based on the belief that you are a physical body and you are vulnerable and you will end. When you are guided to remember and understand that you are an Eternal Energy Being having a temporary physical body experience, you will release your mind's programming, and naturally move into the Power and Understanding of Who You Really Are.

You can remember and experience yourself as the Eternal Energy Being that you are, much faster than you realize through an Energy Reading and Clearing with Scott. You can change your understanding of You and Your life experience forever!

If you are feeling like there is something more within you wanting to be expressed, or you are facing a challenge in your life, an intuitive reading/clearing/channeling will guide you to see your options more clearly and understand your true self more fully. If you are in a period of transition, a reading with Scott will help you find your power and path to what you are seeking.

An Intuitive Reading and Channeling Session with Scott includes all these life-changing experiences and results!

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Check Out What Women And Men
Are Saying About Working With Scott

Folks, I don’t have big enough words to express how incredibly grateful I am for Scott Koepsell who I’ve been doing intuitive energy healing / work / play with for a while now… Embracing what is with total acceptance – releasing blocks, ties and programming with loving compassion – gaining perspective on / remembering who I really am – playing in the field of all possibilities – and moving forward with heart-centered personal power… It has truly been life changing! I highly recommend Scott’s services to anyone who is wanting clear and genuine support along their way!

Habibia M. PA, USA

Today I was in the presence of an amazing person and we created so much more understanding about our existence. It never ceases to amaze me how brilliant the human being is. Then when we connect with the source of all that is, wow, hold on to your hats humans, for it is an incredible journey. Whatever the journey you are on, it is amazing… Thank you Scott Koepsell!

Kerry V. Melbourne, Australia

Words cannot express the GRATITUDE I feel for the amazing gift you shared with me today. For the first time I can remember, I feel like my “system” is working the way it is supposed to. I feel like I am ready to take on the ADVENTURE of finding out who I Really Am!!!!!! I KNOW, truly BELIEVE, that I CAN CREATE AN ABUNDANT LIFE! I definitely want to work on finding my purpose and the relationship issue you mentioned. Thank you, Scott. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. What an AMAZING gift you have to share. I will definitely recommend you!


About Intuitive Readings and Scott Koepsel

I am a full-time Master Intuitive, Channeler, Coach and Mentor. I teach, guide and coach individuals and groups all around the world.

I have honed my intuition, particularly my natural ability to tune into a person’s or group’s energy, and I effectively guide people to identify, remove and release their personal blocks to success and happiness.

The process of releasing ineffective patterns and beliefs leads people to a greater and more joyful understanding and expression of who they really are and how to joyfully live this life.

My demeanor is kind, gentle and supportive.

I hold a safe and loving space for my clients, while guiding them to let go of their personal mental and emotional "baggage”, so they can manifest and live their heart’s desires. Often what we want is just on the other side of our releasing what we are energetically carrying, thinking and believing.

I can intuitively identify for you what is in your way, guide you to release it, and connect you to your internal guidance system; your intuition, heart and soul!